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The EquiSyn Horses






Gian is a gentle giant who has a big presence and a big heart. He has a very workman-like nature, and a typical Mr. Fix-it attitude.


A beautiful 1999 16 hand Thoroughbred mare, who suffered a pelvic fracture when 3 years old, she has proven herself to be a sensitive and compassionate worker. Sensitive to the emotions of others, she doesn't hesitate to give a hug or provide the safe space for clients to feel their emotions freely. Gentle and loving, her energy is very calming.


Cookie is a cute 14 y/o mini that stands about 36 inches tall. She does any obstacle courses you put in front of her and she adores her kids. She is a ton of fun to work with, as she thinks she is just as big as the other horses.


Starlight was given to Liz Liverman due to owner inability to understand and handle his high spirited and sensitive nature. An amazing and thoughtful worker, it is easy to feel the love from him that surrounds you when he is with you. He is very clear in helping the client to ground themselves, and be in their bodies. He has also shown the ability to cross between the worlds, bringing thru angels and help from the other side. Truly an unique and talented horse. Starlight is a gorgeous 15.1 hand black Tennessee Walker that was born in 2005.

Intuitive Awareness

is defined as the practice of mindful observation. When you develop your awareness, you enable yourself to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life.

About EquiSyn

The name EquiSyn comes from the combination of the words Equine and Synergy. It represents the synergistic connection that we have with our equine partners.

EquiSyn Coaching provides individual and group sessions utilizing the horses as our partners. It is an experiential way of coaching, using the Gestalt methodology. Learn to access your authentic self and bring intuitive awareness into your life.

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